Interview: Adriaan Luteijn

25th November 2019 Posted by: Sam Moore
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In this blog we highlight one of our guest partners, Adriaan Luteijn. He works at Introdans and has been working with a wide variety of dancers and groups for over 10 years. Within the company he has a key and connecting role as a choreographer. Within his creative process, for example, he connects a guest dancer to a professional dancer.

The interview was recorded at Introdans at the Arnhem office. Together with Joop he spoke about topics such as talent development and practicing safe practice. Grab a cup of coffee or tea and enjoy!

More about Introdans

Introdans takes a contemporary approach to ballet: one that’s creative and surprising. Dynamic, dazzling, gravity-defying, we captivate one and all in a total dance experience. And we do this with passionate commitment and to international standards.

Introdans believes that the language of dance is so universal that it can bring together and move entire generations. We achieve this by appealing to a broad public and actively connecting with them. We perform for young & old(er) and we organise activities and projects for a wide spectrum of target groups. Because Introdans moves you.