Locomotion and Elevation.

Locomotion and Elevation.

Hello again! We hope that you are enjoying all the content that we are offering in our blog, as much as we are learning and enjoying within our block aimed at Locomotion and Elevation.
We would like to introduce this blog, starting by quoting the first definition that the project member jointly elaborated of this block:

Locomotion: “Ability to move the body across the space in different levels and directions.”
Elevation: “Ability to move the center of gravity between levels.”

Once we began to understand the work that each partner had done and the points in common, we began to develop the idea that in both blocks what moves is the center of gravity of the dancer in two planes:

• Vertical (locomotion)
• Horizontal (elevation)

Which led us to reflect on the idea that the center of the dancer’s body moves through space in different planes (vertical and horizontal) through stimulations proposed by internal agents (e.g. in improvisation) or external (the musical rhythm when making exercise) and to that consequence we are uniting the two concepts into one and identifying what aspects we should work in a concrete way in it. The new term is travelling, and to this we will refer in this block.

When we travel we have to be aware of:

• Preparation exercises. For both planes (horizontal and vertical), highlighting body alignment, practice efficiency, resistance and stress control.

• Body awareness must pay attention both to companions and space. It is intended to develop in the dancers the spatial awareness through interaction with the rest of dancers, as well as develop capabilities linked to this aspect such as group listening, interpersonal connections…

• Draw imaginary patterns on the ground, intended to improve and optimize the work on the ground through orientation and to have a clear direction. This will be worked through breathing exercises, boosting, endurance and body expansion through vocabulary.

• Turn. Work this section through direction, focus, alignment, spatial awareness and different levels always adapting the exercises to the body of the dancers ensuring safe practice.

• Move between levels. Expand or extend the center of gravity between the low, medium, and high level while dancing.

• Back to calm. In this section in addition, we will seek to develop the autonomy of our dancers through the reflection of identifying how their body is located

To finish this blog, we would like to add our special awareness in this block due to the great physical demand that it has and say that we must remember one of our principles, the adaptability of the teacher to be able to adapt the exercises to each student and see that, if an exercise is not appropriate, it´s better not to carry it out in the group; We must always consider that safe practice should be the fundamental pattern of our work in the development of the artistic potential of our dancers.

Thank you for your attention, we look forward to seeing you again soon to tell you about our progress and progress!


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