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Mixable Webinar – 26th June!

Curious about the added value of inclusive productions for current theater programming and about inclusion within art education? On June 26 at 4:00 PM, Misiconi Foundation organizes a webinar with four speakers from the field in collaboration with LKCA and the Holland Dance Festival. Under the leadership of Kim Coppes, Joop Oonk (Misiconi Foundation), Carlijn…
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Jem’s Blog

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Improving Alignment – tips and ideas to try with your dancers

Sharing good practice has been one of the most important, and interesting, elements of the Shift project.  One of the most frustrating aspects is that we haven’t been able to include everything that we’ve learnt in the website resource we are creating.  Due to time (and money) we’ve had to pick the “best bits” so…
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Forward, backward, to the side, up and down. This blog is about the last block in this research: locomotion. Time to move through the space in different levels and directions. We divide locomotion in travel and elevation. First of all it is good to know how we define these terms. Travel is the ability to…
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SAVE the DATE 25-26-27 June 2020 – Mixable festival

Dear readers, Misiconi Foundation will organize a 3-day festival in Rotterdam on 25-26 and 27th of June. The Mixable Festival is the performance festival for every performance artist. The first edition of the festival is all about talent development. The program consist of performances, masterclasses and talks with national and international guests such as Stopgap…
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Locomotion and Elevation.

Hello again! We hope that you are enjoying all the content that we are offering in our blog, as much as we are learning and enjoying within our block aimed at Locomotion and Elevation. We would like to introduce this blog, starting by quoting the first definition that the project member jointly elaborated of this…
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Save the Date – Tuesday 7 July 2020

Ability @ Expressions 2019 Hello and welcome back to our blog. We hope you continue to enjoy finding out about our Erasmus+ funded SHIFT project where we have been developing new approaches to teaching technique.  As we are creating such a wealth of material that can be used and adapted to your own settings and…
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Throughout the summer term one of the areas we were focusing on was coordination.    Like most dance skills it’s a thread that will run through every exercise.  All movement involves coordination.  However, until working on this part of the project, I hadn’t ever really thought about developing a specific coordination exercise as part of a…
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Interview: Adriaan Luteijn

In this blog we highlight one of our guest partners, Adriaan Luteijn. He works at Introdans and has been working with a wide variety of dancers and groups for over 10 years. Within the company he has a key and connecting role as a choreographer. Within his creative process, for example, he connects a guest…
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Starting new block and residency in Madrid!

Hello again, firstly thank you for reading this new blog and for your interest in our project! On this occasion, this blog is dedicated to the exchange in Madrid where we will investigate the third block of our project dedicated to locomotion and elevation. We want to share how excited we are and also, the…
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