Starting new block and residency in Madrid!

Starting new block and residency in Madrid!

Hello again, firstly thank you for reading this new blog and for your interest in our project!

On this occasion, this blog is dedicated to the exchange in Madrid where we will investigate the third block of our project dedicated to locomotion and elevation.

We want to share how excited we are and also, the group of dancers from PBMLF that are part of this research and the entire team of Psico Ballet Maite León Foundation to receive the rest of the team members to our house to develop a new phase of this project.

As we have said before, we think that one of the most interesting points of this project is the joint creation through reflection and experience of team members who work cooperatively but that previously didn´t known each other work. This enriches the project, diversifies it, and allows us to have a more plural vision of dance with diversity.

That is why in this residence, we will investigate through the body of our dancers, locomotion and elevation, trying, as we have done in the previous residences, a set of guidelines that will allow us to develop the exercises and the skills to later, be able to monitor and study looking at changes in their motor and artistic development. Some of these points will be the following:

  • Studying the concepts of locomotion and elevation through bibliographical research and expert advice.
  • Find the key elements that constitute learning these concepts for diverse dance participants.
  • Reflect on what key teaching points must be within the exercises.
  • Identify the common elements found in the work of the teams and why.
  • Design a series of exercises through reflection where we can establish the key points of this work.

In our particular case, the exercises corresponding to elevation creates some expectation. Our group of dancers present some difficulty in the balance exercises and we are especially interested in reaching valid conclusions so that they can develop jumps safely. In jumping exercises we have always been concerned on the one hand, making safe jumps (jumps that do not harm the back or that do not generate ankle and / or knee injuries) and on the other, that acquire the necessary skills to sustain and keep a battery of jumps without running out. Therefore, the week of residence in Madrid will undoubtedly be a week of great concentration to achieve these goals for us.

Finally, we would like to highlight how important is for us that our dancers are excited and eager to meet the rest of the project members, their methodology and way of working. This reflects the adaptation and desire that our dancers show when they meet and explore new ways of working and methodologies. To be able to build a space of connection with people in the dance space where they can share experiences through dance.

Thank you for your support when facing each change in our investigation,

we will continue to inform you!

Gabriela y Ramón.



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