Mia Misura

Mia Misura

During the Erasmus gathering in Rotterdam Mia Misura was invited as an extra guest to share practice with. Mia Misura was born in 2011 as a dance theatre lab. The idea was created by Vittoria La Costa and Roberta Bassani with the wish to open a space for people to challenge their abilities, express themselves and give value to their resources. Main activities of the company include the lab, live performances, projects, exchanges and collaborations.

During the Rotterdam week the performers of Mia Misura was invited with the aim to bring more companies together and gain a wider impact, exchange knowledge and feed each others practice.  Here are their reflections:

The experience in Rotterdam within the Erasmus project was full of stimuli and reflections. The communitarian and inclusive sense we felt in a welcoming and familiar place and the non-judgmental atmosphere during the lessons allowed me and my group to freely experiment the movement proposals.

Balance and coordination are two complex issues: I consider them the result of the maturation of a series of underlying connections to which you work throughout your life. Thus, I really appreciated the sequence proposals you offered in the experiential program. Strength and grounding have built the adequate support for the experimentation of the recurring topic on the terra-cielo relationship, which it was for me a precious suggestion.

I found medium-high the level of classes and I’m glad that the dancers of my company with and without disabilities have always put themselves on the line. There have been very dynamic and physically demanding moments, but this has never changed the strong sense of respect of the limits and difficulties that each of us could present.

In all the experiences we have had, the importance of the gaze has never been lacking as a fundamental support of the relationship with oneself and with the other. An attentive request that is difficult for some of our dancers and therefore needs a continuous reminder.

The journey is always an important moment of sharing for the Company, it renews some relational aspects and makes us discover different difficulties. We come back tired, but the atmosphere of novelty and shared responsibility leaves us with a feeling of “light fullness”.

Thank you for this rich exchange.




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